ASME Qualified

Holders of ASME U & ASME U2 Stamps

ASME Qualified - Holders of ASME U & ASME U2 Stamps

Arc Energy is a proud holder of ASME U and ASME U2 stamps and are certified to register pressure vessels with the national board. This enables us to provide a range of services from full fabrication of ASME code compliant equipment and pressure vessels to subcontract welding on free-issue ASME standard material.

For fabricators of ‘U’ stamp pressure vessels, the ASME Code requirement, that any welding activities must be carried out by an accredited company, has presented a significant challenge when subcontracting weld overlay cladding.

At present there are only 8 holders of ASME U2 in the UK. As holders of both ASME U Stamp and ASME U2 Stamp, we are the perfect solution to this problem. We are able to fully fabricate and perform any weld overlay requirements on ASME pressure vessels and ASME code compliant equipment.