Fit For Nuclear

Meeting the standards required to supply the nuclear industry

Fit For Nuclear - Meeting the standards required to supply the nuclear industry

Arc Energy was one of the first companies to complete the F4N on-line assessment in early 2011, and this was followed up by an on-site assessment by Dave Roberts of NAMRC in August 2011.

Prequalification documents are part of our normal activities, and we were well used to audits for our ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 3834-2, IIP etc. so the process was not onerous. However, in some areas the focus was slightly different, so it was an interesting learning experience.

The assessment identified the business as having a ‘strong management structure with clear vision for the future including nuclear opportunities’. We had ‘an enthusiastic team, strong strategic direction and an evident change culture throughout the business’.

In the areas of H&S culture, strategy and leadership and quality management we scored particularly highly.

We were already working with SWMAS on a management review and as a result we restructured our management team and developed clearer lines of two-way communication.

Our middle management development training plan was reviewed to ensure it was able to sustain subsequent business improvements in the areas of visual management, continuous improvement and performance measurement

The company continues to develop its processes with the employment of additional welding engineers and a dedicated R&D department, as well as expanding its premises. It has invested in the latest cladding technology including robotics, some sourced externally and some developed in-house, and is now producing clad, fabricated and machined components for the nuclear industry.

The company now intends to take this certification to the next stage, with Fit4Nuclear Plus.