ISO 9001

Quality System Management

ISO 9001 - Quality System Management

Arc Energy Resources is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company. We aim to produce a high quality product and to assure our customers that products have been produced to the desired standards.

We understand that quality cannot be inspected into a product, it must be built into it. Therefore ISO 14731:2006 Welding Coordination Tasks & Responsibilities is used to determine the necessary qualification and experience needed to carry out the welding related activities.

The Directors of Arc Energy Resources are committed to:

  • The implementation of a Quality Management System that interfaces with all areas of the Company’s activities and complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015.
  • Meeting the specific requirements for welding in ISO 3834-2, Quality Requirements for Welding, Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials, Part 2, Comprehensive Quality Requirements.
  • The maintenance and continuous improvement of the system by the process of review and the provision of effective and efficient capital and human resources.
  • A quality management system which identifies customer needs, and endeavours to satisfy them with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Nurturing the relationship with every client with the aim of developing repeat business and adding to the value of our service, including the provision, where appropriate, of technical support on relevant aspects of welding and production engineering related to the manufacture of customer products.
  • Communicating to all employees the importance of satisfying customer and statutory requirements.
  • Recognising the importance of our employees’ contribution to the continued success of the Company through development of a human resources structure which conforms to the requirements of the Investors In People Silver Standard.