Arc Energy Resources Clads Quench Valves for Deep Sea Project

Date posted: 1st May 2013

Arc Energy Resources Clads Quench Valves for Deep Sea Project

The directional quench valves, which weigh approximately three tonnes, were delivered to Arc Energy’s Gloucestershire facility, as pre-machined body castings. In order to combat the combined erosion and corrosion attack from an aggressive medium, Arc Energy’s welding engineering team advised a 3mm thick coating of Ultimet, a cobalt-chromium alloy which combines excellent corrosion, wear and impact resistance with high tensile strength.

The complex internal geometry of the as cast surfaces of the valve necessitated precise set up and close control of Arc Energy’s mechanised welding equipment. Some of the surfaces to be clad were not directly visible nor did they provide good accessibility. Because of the need for control of a welding head moving in 3 axes and in a variety of welding positions, cold wire TIG was selected from Arc Energy’s vast library of welding procedures and techniques, ensuring that the inner surfaces of the ball valve received a consistent, high-quality layer of weld deposit.

After cladding, all surfaces were successfully tested to confirm the surface integrity and checked for thickness of deposit.

Commenting for Arc Energy Resources, managing director Alan Robinson says “rising to the challenge of cladding complex geometries and engineering the perfect solution to any weld requirement is what we excel at”.