Charlie Fryer

Project Manager

Charlie Fryer

Project Manager

From language student, to Engineering Project Manager

Charlie Fryer is our employee in focus this month. From joining us with qualifications in the varied subjects of Japanese, Design Technology and Graphic Art, Charlie has risen through the ranks of Arc Energy Resources Ltd from apprentice to one of our most promising Project Managers. We explore his journey from student to master.

Quality before Experience

Although Charlie had strong qualifications in varied subjects, his willingness to learn and develop is what has built his success at Arc Energy. He has relished the opportunity to gain relevant Engineering qualifications and, in his eight years with us, has attained a National Certificate, HNC and HND which have developed his analytical abilities. He is now studying part-time at UWE for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and is grateful for the sponsorship that Arc Energy provide for this. All of Arc Energy’s Project Managers go through a Project Management course, so he also has an APM qualification.

Arc Energy firmly believes that constantly developing employees’ skills and knowledge brings out their best personal qualities and their expertise develops and maintains our innovative approach to Engineering for the future.

Challenging and Rewarding

Engineering is a vast and challenging industry, in which not everything is straight forward. Things don’t always go to plan, but Arc Energy’s faith in their employees enables the team, on those rare occasions, to take the time to find the best solution to move the project forward.

Charlie explains:

“I schedule and plan Fabrication work for three welders on the shop floor. Each project is different, so we don’t know what challenge will be next. It is all about finding the perfect solution for each project in an effective an efficient manner.”

Building Career Progression

Charlie’s progression within the industry is typical for many trainee Engineers throughout the country. He began his career at Arc Energy with a paid apprenticeship, continued with part-time education for his Masters degree while progressing to become a leading Project Manager within the company. He was named ‘Employee of the Year’ at the Cotswold Life EMI Awards in 2015 and is a STEM ambassador and gets real satisfaction from encouraging children to take Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in primary and secondary schools and at various careers events around the county.

Gaining experience at all levels of the firm provides a solid foundation for our employees and gives them the confidence to innovate and develop new solutions for our cherished clients.

Charlie has achieved a great deal in a career that, so far, has spanned eight years. We cannot wait to see where he takes us in the next eight and beyond.