Welding and fabrications specialist for the Rail Industry


Arc Energy Resources has a proven track record in specialist corrosion resistant welding and fabrications work and has joined the small number of British welding engineering companies certified to BS EN 15085 Class 1 for the rail industry.

This is the top level Certification for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components (CWRVC). Our specialist welding can be used as a wear resistant layer on braking system components and pipework. We have a vast knowledge and engineering expertise. The company has dedicated Welding Engineering and Project Management teams, who take an innovative approach to engineering, to find the perfect solution for each project in an effective and efficient manner.

Specialist Rail Fabrications

Arc Energy’s fabrication division can manufacture a variety of components, including HVAC system housings, air receivers and reservoirs, pressure vessels and skids. Scope of supply can range from design and technical input through to procurement of material, fabrication, testing and delivery, as well as repair of components returned from service.

Whether you’re looking for specialist braking components or welding to BS EN 15085, we can help at every stage of the process. For more information and help on specifying engineering projects call Andrew Robinson – Managing Director on  +44 (0) 1453 823523 or email andrew.robinson@arcenergy.co.uk