Welding and Fabrication experts for ASME U & U2 compliant projects


Arc Energy Resources is a proud holder of ASME U & ASME U2 Stamps, enabling us to provide a range of services from full supply of ASME code compliant equipment and pressure vessels to subcontract welding on free-issue ASME standard material.

Fabrication Experts

For fabricators of ASME U Stamp vessels, the ASME Code requirement that any welding activities must be carried out in an accredited shop has been a significant challenge when subcontracting parts for weld overlay cladding.

Weld Overlay Specialists

As a weld overlay specialist holding the ASME U, ASME U2 and National Board Stamp certificates, we are the ideal solution to this problem. We can weld on customer free-issued parts or manufacture complete components, including full vessel design, verification and supply.

Our supply includes:

• Nozzles, as small as 20mm.
• Elbows, tees and reducers.
• CRA clad pipe, supplied straight or induction bent.
• Dished ends for vessels and exchangers.
• Vessel strakes up to 4m in diameter, 6m long.
• Heat exchanger tubesheets.
• Fabricated piping sub-assemblies with weld overlay.
• Clad or solid corrosion resistant alloy materials.

Our related accreditations

ISO 9001:2015

Arc Energy Resources is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company. We aim to produce a high quality product and to assure our customers that products have been produced to the desired standards.

We understand that quality cannot be inspected into a product, it must be built into it. Therefore ISO 14731:2006 Welding Coordination-Tasks & Responsibilities is used to determine the necessary qualification and experience needed to carry out the welding related activities.

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ISO 3834-2

Welding is a specialist activity, and as a consequence,  we have supplemented the standard quality system represented by ISO 9001 with the comprehensive welding requirements of ISO 3834-2.

ISO 3834-2 covers quality requirements for Welding, Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials, Part 2, Comprehensive Quality Requirements.

Welding exerts a significant influence upon the cost of manufacture and quality of a product. It is important, therefore, to ensure that the welding process is carried out in the most effective manner and that appropriate control is applied to all aspects of the operation.

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