Technical Expertise

Arc Energy Resources experienced and highly qualified engineers are able to offer project management services, ranging from technical expertise and procurement right through to delivery and documentation.

Technical Expertise

The business was created with the overriding principle that in order to provide a top class welded product, it is essential to create top class technical support.  The directors have maintained this philosophy and recognise that the provision of welding engineering services at the highest level is crucial to provide support both to the in-house activities and to our clients. We believe that welding engineering is the pivot around which the business runs – it is part of our logo.

We have a top team of four welding engineers, with award winning history. The team’s competences includes European and International Welding Engineer qualifications, Chartered Engineer status, robotic welding and Welding Specialist qualifications. In order to maintain the top levels of qualification, we fund a refreshingly active programme of training – leading to full International qualification by means of training at the Welding Institute.

The team drives the technological development of the business and maintains an active R&D function. The business is always seeking cutting edge technology in order to maintain a quality and productivity advantage.

The team provides invaluable welding and materials technology support to our clients as part of our overall package. In addition, the client gains the benefit of design for manufacture support and a comprehensive review of all project related and international specifications. This can provide the client with assurance that there is little chance of hidden cost or quality related omissions.

Working in harmony with the welding engineers is the eight strong project and procurement team and the highly competent quality team. The whole can give the client a range of procurement options – from a free issue service to a full supply package. With each, the client can be assured of a fully project managed project.

We recognise that well educated engineers, when combined with practical acuity, produce the best outcomes. We insist on Continuing Professional Development and as a result each team contains members with advanced degrees and specialist training.


Knowledge and Experience

Arc Energy has a clear understanding and a comprehensive knowledge of many market sectors, allowing full appreciation of specific demands and job requirements. This has come through many years of working in partnership with clients, and gaining detailed knowledge of industry requirements.


Dedicated account personnel provide a smooth transition from initial enquiry through to delivery and beyond. A dialogue is established early in order to eradicate any potential issues or problems the project is likely to encounter.

Engineering Expertise

Arc Energy has vast knowledge and engineering expertise. The company is proud of its strong welding engineering and project management teams, dedicated to providing unsurpassed technical support.

Industry Contacts

Relationships with clients and suppliers have been established over a long period of time, amongst which are some of the largest companies in the world.

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